Generating business value through implementing Smart Manufacturing

Integrating Smart Manufacturing Solutions 

Implementing new smart manufacturing projects needs the new solutions to be integrated into the existing business systems and also may require older legacy systems to also be integrated, enabling increased information about the manufacturing production to be used across the business and also to be able to use analytics.   

Alongside end-to-end control communication, there needs to be a different type of information flow between the the factory floor and the other business functions.  Delivering a continous exchange of data between engineering and production.

This allows pieces to be followed through production, while a continuous exchange of information on the technical health of the assembly line prevents breakdowns and automates maintenance and configuration to a certain extent.   The connections between OT and IT are shown below.

Future Factory understand the needs and demands of integration where existing production systems and new systems are working alongside each other and the needs of the business information technology systems that may also need to be upgraded.